APPLE Vision Pro – valdykite balsu, rankomis ir akimis

APPLE Vision Pro - control with your voice, hands and eyes

Have you ever thought that you will be able to control the entire digital space with your eyes, hands and voice? Probably hard. But we have good news - now you will be able to do your favorite things in a way that has never been possible before.

APPLE, one of the largest and most advanced manufacturers of smart devices, did not give up on its innovations and this time also presented virtual reality glasses to the world - APPLE Vision Pro.

Personal cinema with APPLE Vision Pro

It's an extremely good and immersive way to experience entertainment in a different way. APPLE Vision Pro can quickly turn any space into a personal cinema. Watch movies, shows, series and play games with the perfect size screen in front of you. With the integrated "Spatial Audio" you will feel as if you were on the set of the events of the movie.

The brand new Apple Immersive Videos is a feature that allows even 180-degree 3D 8K resolution recording format with surround sound, which makes it even easier to get involved in all the action. With Apple Vision Pro, access all your favorite content not only from Apple TV+ but also from other broadcasters. From now on, enjoy 3D movies and feel the depth, sharpness and extremely realistic images of movies thanks to APPLE Vision Pro virtual reality glasses.

There is also good news for game lovers! APPLE also offers completely new ways to play! From now on, play games using all the space around you! And in case of a virtual call or another meeting and you want to concentrate on the sound, without extraneous sounds, easily connect the APPLE AirPods wireless headphones.

Your memories will come alive like never before! Apple Vision Pro is the first APPLE 3D camera that can capture and realistically display spatial photos and videos in 3D format.

With Apple Vision Pro, it is extremely easy and convenient to communicate with others and to browse other apps at the same time. See people in real life when talking on FaceTime.

APPLE Vision Pro design

Three-dimensional laminated glass combined with a curved aluminum frame envelops the face extremely comfortably.

The virtual reality glasses also have built-in light sealing. When the glasses are put on, they fit in such a way that any extraneous light is blocked.

The knitted headband, on which the glasses are attached, has a cushioning function, ensures air permeability, so the head will not sweat, and it stretches so that the glasses fit comfortably, do not fall and hold firmly.

Battery life

The external battery supports even up to 2 h. common use, and even up to 2.5 h. if you are watching videos or movies.

APPLE Vision Pro is extremely easy to operate. All you have to do is look at the item you want to enable and tap your fingers to select it. Also, to enter the text you want, just dictate it or you can use the virtual keyboard.

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