Jau visai greitai atsisveikinsime su skaičiumi 8 telefonų numeriuose: ką reikėtų žinoti?

Very soon we will say goodbye to the number 8 in phone numbers: what should you know?

From the end of 2025, important changes await the Lithuanian telephone number system. This important innovation will really change our normal perception of phone numbers and how they are used. One of the outstanding changes is the reorganization of the numbering system. Phone numbers that previously started with the number 8 will no longer be relevant and will be replaced by new digit combinations. 

This innovation will not be so unusual for a part of the Lithuanian population, because the majority of people already use the +3706 code in their phone numbers . How much more complicated it will be for those who are still used to using the 86… code.


Why is this innovation necessary?

This change is being made to modernize the telephone numbering system and provide more opportunities for future telecommunications development. It is also aimed at harmonizing the Lithuanian telephone number system with international standards, which foresee such changes due to the growing needs of communication technologies and service development.


How will these changes affect us?

Anyone with a phone number starting with the number 8 will need to pay attention and update their contacts and inform those around them of the new phone numbers. At first, this may cause some inconvenience and require extra attention when writing phone numbers.


Implications for businesses and service providers

This renumbering will also affect businesses and service providers that used phone numbers starting with 8. They will need to update their advertisements, websites, business cards and other information to reflect the new digit combinations. This, of course, may entail some cost and time requirements for both individuals and businesses, as the corresponding time and effort will be spent updating information and adapting to the new numbering system requirements.


Although these changes may cause some inconvenience at the beginning and require additional attention, they are necessary for the development of telecommunications and harmonization with international standards. It is important to be prepared for this transformation and share information to facilitate adaptation to these changes, which should be implemented by the end of 2025.

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