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Phones by Battery Life: Which Phones Have the Longest Battery Life?

Getting ready to go out on the town, whether for an event, a concert, or hanging out with friends? However, when you leave the house, you notice that your phone's battery is on the verge of discharge, with just under 20% remaining.

Unfortunately, almost all of us have found ourselves in such situations. However, this problem can occur all too often for those whose phone battery drains extremely quickly. Since we have a lot of experience with smartphones, we are going to discuss the best phone models that are worth investing in. They also have great battery life, and we'll give you some suggestions on how to keep your existing phone from draining so fast.

What is considered good battery life?

But before we get into which phones have the best battery life, we should probably lay out the criteria by which a phone can have good battery life. According to research done by Tom's Guide, it was found that the average phone battery lasts about ten hours, so basically any phone with longer battery life is considered good.

However, how you use your phone determines how long it will last. For example, media uses a lot of battery power, so if you're traveling long distances and plan to watch your favorite show, you'll probably need to pack a power bank. However, if you work in an office that doesn't allow much cell phone use, you should expect it to last quite a while.

The importance of maintaining battery health

You should also consider the condition of the battery when taking care of your phone. Like other parts of your device, the older your phone gets, the more stress you put on the battery, which can reduce its ability to charge and hold a charge. Oftentimes, cell phone experts say that if a phone's battery is below 80%, then it is considered extremely old.

What you can do to preserve the health of your battery:

  • Before charging the battery, avoid draining it to 0%.
  • If possible, use the iOS optimized battery charging feature.
  • Enter low power mode when the battery is low.
  • Keep your phone software up-to-date as updates may include improvements to improve battery life.


Here are some phone models with particularly good battery life:

Google Pixel 7 Pro

The elegantly styled Google Pixel 7 Pro is another phone with great battery life. While the Google Pixel 6 made false promises with its great battery on paper, the Pixel 7 Pro's improvements are pretty unbeatable. The phone also supports high quality graphics for game lovers and social media fanatics.

Even at a high refresh rate (which can be quite tiring for the phone), it will perform incredibly well. So, if you're worried about your phone running out of battery in the middle of TikTok LIVE or capturing amazing images in nature, the Google 7 Pro assures you that it won't.

 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is probably one of the best phones in terms of battery life, designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding power users. The high-capacity battery allows you to expect longer use without a power source, so you can smoothly perform power-intensive tasks without worrying about running out of battery.

Advanced AI optimization features uniquely adapt device settings to intelligently manage power consumption. The device also supports fast charging to charge the battery quickly, and wireless charging adds even more convenience. So for the latest and greatest phone with one of the most impressive battery life options out there, you can't go wrong with the S23 Ultra.

 Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

With every iPhone released, Apple keeps improving and improving its phones to get the most out of them for users. While they don't yet match the Samsung Galaxy S series in terms of battery life, the iPhone 15 Pro Max makes good use of it.

With an impressive 4,422 mAh battery capacity and six hours longer video playback than the iPhone 12 Pro, Apple is definitely aiming for new heights.

We have some simple tips to get some extra power out of your phone battery:

  • Reduce the brightness of the screen - this is the easiest way to save battery power. You can use automatic brightness settings or adjust it manually depending on the environment.
  • Turn off unnecessary apps: Close or disable background apps and services you don't use so they don't drain your battery.
  • Use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data: If possible, connect to Wi-Fi networks to reduce the use of mobile data and save battery power.
  • Turn on your phone's power saving mode to optimize settings and extend battery life, especially when it's running low.
  • Keep your phone cool: High temperatures can drain the battery faster. Avoid exposing the phone to excessive heat and use cases that do not retain heat.

There are tons of ways to save your battery and even myths about charging to get the most out of your battery. But even if you can't do them all, using just one or two of our tips will likely keep your phone from draining as quickly.

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