Apsauginiai stikliukai bei deklai

How to protect your phone during the summer?

Protect your phone from heat during summer

Do not leave the mobile phone in direct sunlight for a long time or in a car left in the sun. During the summer, it is also not advisable to use the device intensively: playing games or watching videos for a long time.

If you feel that the phone is getting very hot - do not try to cool it under any circumstances, but let it cool down naturally by leaving it in the shade or indoors.

Do not allow the device to get wet

Although many manufacturers now claim that their devices are waterproof, in most cases they are only resistant to splashes or short immersions in water. So this does not mean that you can stay with your phone in the water all day. Protect your phone from water during summer.

Protect your phone from sand

Sand can not only scratch the smartphone screen, but also get inside the phone, which can cause more serious malfunctions. A properly selected phone case and screen protector can help protect your device from sand. In our online store you will find the latest accessories and protections for your phone.

The GSMarena.lt team wishes you and your phone a safe and fun summer!

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