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Apple iPhone XS Max 256GB (Used item)

Apple iPhone XS Max 256GB (Used item)

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Used phones - what are they?

These are someone else's devices that have been used for a while. Such phones are checked by our specialists, assessing their condition and preparing them for the next user. These phones are in very good condition, the battery capacity is at least 80%. Devices may have very minor scratches or other signs of use. These phones don't come with earphones, a charger, and usually they don't have the original box. The price of such phones is much lower, and the device is still in good condition and ready for full use.

Short review

  • Incredibly fast A12 Bionic processor.
  • Extremely fast and secure facial recognition function.
  • Dual camera that takes great photos and videos.
  • Advanced, bright and spacious 6.5" diagonal screen.

Not only beautiful but also strong

The design of the iPhone XS Max will not leave you indifferent. The frame of the phone is made of strong, medical-grade stainless steel. Thanks to the complex processing and painting processes, it matches perfectly with the stylish glass back. By the way, this smartphone has such a back not only for beauty - by using it, the manufacturer has implemented a wireless charging function. And the funnest thing is that you can choose from three body colors, including a new shade of gold.

  • And what lies inside it?

    The A12 Bionic processor installed is the most powerful and advanced processor that smartphones have ever had. A separate part of this main processor is an advanced neural processor that allows the device to learn and better understand what task we want to perform.

  • Intelligence does not leave anyone indifferent

    iPhone XS Max has the most advanced Face ID facial recognition system. It monitors up to 30,000 facial points, so it is extremely accurate and works even in complete darkness. It also analyzes how facial features change and keeps adapting. For example, even if you change your hairstyle, Face ID will recognize you immediately. You don't need to remember any complicated passwords or codes to unlock your iPhone XS Max, just look at your smartphone.